If you struggle to stay in the moment... if stress makes you escape to your phone... and you want to find freedom to actually enjoy your life... this journalling workbook was made for you. 
Hey mama, my name is Rachel and I've got 5 kids under 6 years of age. With so much on my plate and so many people to care for, the demands can seem overwhelming and stressful. 

After a busy and traumatic few months (my father passed away among other things) I noticed a troubling pattern. During the day, when I felt anxious, bored, or nervous... I'd reach for my phone. 

Even when I had nothing to "check."

My hands and fingers went on autopilot and grabbed my phone. Even though I didn't really want to. I knew nothing was happening on social media or wherever else, but I couldn't seem to stop myself. 

I couldn't even sit still at a red light without reaching for my phone. When I knew I should have been talking to my kids or playing with them... I was searching for that next fix. 

The next escape
"Often it isn’t until we are well along that vicious cycle that we realize what we are missing."
Then one day a light switched on. 

I was at a stoplight and knew it was going to turn green soon, but couldn't resist sending a text. 

Mid-way through the text the light turned green and I got mad and the kids were all calling my name from the backseat because I'd been ignoring them and I thought WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH ME?

After we all calmed down, I knew I needed to make a change. 

I needed to figure out WHY I was reaching for my phone and work on that. It wasn't about making tons of RULES for myself, but about acknowledging my stress and overwhelm and the escape I'd come to rely on... my phone. 
The Slow Your Scroll workbook is for you if you can resonate with any of the following. You:
  • Keep your phone near you at all times
  • Check your phone a lot, even when you know there's nothing urgent or important you're waiting to hear. 
  • Can't sit alone with yourself (at a red light or anywhere else) without reaching for your phone. 
  • Feel guilty that you are on your phone instead of spending quality time with your kids or doing things around the house. 
  • Know deep down that you're on your phone too much, but feel a bit helpless to stop. 
"I feel terribly unable to balance how to meet the demands and needs of my sons (especially because I need to sit for long periods to breast feed) and so I have falling into the bad habit of escaping into my phone."
Slow Your Scroll is more than just a rule book. In fact, it's not a rule book at all. 

Turning your phone off or deleting your Facebook app are band-aid solutions. They're not the solution to lasting change. 

And the truth is... smart phones aren't going anywhere. 

Deleting an app may work for a bit, but what we need is to crave living in the present. To be able to handle our own overwhelm, emotions, and stress in a way that means we don't reach for our phones. 

To find parenting, #momlife, and Adulting something we can handle, instead of something we escape from

Slow Your Scroll will help you:
  • Cut through the guilt and discouragement to find your personal triggers and stressors. 
  • Feel a new zest for life and adventure in the present withyour family, not online. 
  • Start spending your days living your life instead of reading about everyone else's. 
  • And a whole lot more...
Every page in this workbook is packed full of powerful steps that will deliver immediate results so you will get the most transformation with the least investment of your precious time. 
"The reason is clear to me now about why I keep on reaching for my phone. I’ve noticed this already and it’s not good for me and for my family and I want to get rid of it!"
There's nothing more satisfying than finding a solution to a problem that's been causing you worry, guilt, and stress.

I know what it's like to feel like your life is so stressful you need an escape and then finding that your escape has become your prison. Slow Your Scroll was created because I was in the same boat. 

I found freedom, and so can you.

See you on the other side! 

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Slow Your Scroll 
This is a workbook and journal that will help you Embrace the Present, Put Down Your Device, and enjoy your family in freedom!
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