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Your daily routines just got way less stressful. 
The fact of the matter is...
make the home go round, and they aren't just for the kids.
Ready to organize your family's daily routines so you can enjoy your life without the stress?
In just a few short days you could:
  • Feel in control, not in perpetual survival mode. You can't control the crazy world around you, but you CAN control what's happening in your own home, creating havens of peace. 
  • ​Learn how to get ALL family member's needs met, not just the kids. Instead of prioritizing everyone else's wants and whims above our own actual needs (ahem, sleep), you'll learn how to create sustainable routines to help you take care of yourself well. 
  • Know how to help your kids to be independent and responsible. Life ain't easy.  Know what makes it worse?  Doing everything for everyone when they are capable of doing things on their own.
  • Create refreshing evenings, not ones that make you want to run away. Stressful meals, late bedtimes that make overtired kids and moms, and a lingering feeling of dread and doom as the sun goes down because we have to do it all over again tomorrow. You can create evenings you love.

"I had been struggling to get my children into a routine for ages and it was eating at me so bad that when I found this on Facebook I was so excited! 

I am still working on perfecting our routines but this has changed our lives. I honestly can not thank you enough!

- Kristy

Simple family routines make daily life better. Let me show you how!
How do I KNOW that Family Routines Reboot will help you?
You want the harder parts of the day to be easier without Emotional Outbursts (from the kids or yourself).
  • You want simple peaceful morning routines that help set everyone up for a good day. 
  • You want meal times, snack times, and chore times to be painless, not filled with backtalk and drama.
  • You want after dinner and bedtime routines that help every wind down and get to bed at a reasonable hour.
You want your kids to learn life skills and responsibility without the nagging and threats.
  • You want your kids to learn basic life skill and hygiene tasks and complete them on their own throughout the day. 
  • You want your kids to learn how to clean up the many messes they make and to do chores. 
  • You want your kids to flow through the day with their visual reminders of what's next, without having to be on their case constantly.
You want to take care of yourself well without ignoring all that needs to be done.
  • You want to actually like your life instead of feeling like a normal day at home gives you anxiety.
  • You need to know the simple, small, day-to-day ways you can care for yourself that leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated. 
  • You want to not go mentally ill just because your house is a mess, the kids are wild, and you can't stand your life. 
Don't worry, we've got EXACTLY what you need — 
and it's simpler than you think!
I'm a certified baby and toddler sleep consultant, Language of Listening parent coach, and MOTHER OF 5 KIDS IN 5 YEARS!

If there's one thing that's true it's this... without daily routines and systems in place, life is chaotic, stressful and anxiety inducing. 

When no one is quite sure what's happening, the kids end up running around making wild animal noises while we try and find somewhere to hide. 

The only way to get our Mom Responsibilities done in PEACE is this:

Family routines. 

Simple family rhythms give you predictability, organization and calm. 

"I got a lot out of this. Rachel and Lauren shared both big picture ideas to help reframe my expectations and priorities, as well as lots of little ideas to make life easier and more enjoyable. 

It was totally worth the money and the time." 

- Susanna

In 3 days I'll show you how to create simple, easy-to-keep family routines. 

Here's how Family Routines Reboot will help you maximize joy and minimize stress.

  • 3 masterclass videos sharing our simple, easy to follow 3-part system to creating sustainable family  routines with clear examples of EXACTLY how to execute them
  • F​amily Routines Planner with block schedule pages, self-care tracking sheets, meal planning lists, sample routines, self-care checklists, and more!
  • Visual routine cards you'll use to help your children become independent in their morning, afternoon, and evening routines
  •  50+ home binder organizing sheets to help you manage, plan, and streamline your responsibilities. 

"The Family Routines Reboot was helpful for re-thinking problem areas in our family routines. 

I also really appreciated the approach to discussing self-care; the context was different than how I usually have heard that topic talked about, and I found it a lot easier to engage with the ideas presented and put some things into practice."

 - Stephanie

Let me break it down for you. 
In this step you'll evaluate all the rhythms your family has during the day... or lack thereof, and brainstorm what needs to change. What you'll takeaway? Simple and sustainable routines. 
  • Learn the most critical routines your family must have to make for a stress-free home where mama ain't yelling. 
  • ​Discover how to get your kids on board with these routines and continue to carry them out day by day. 
  • Get our proven routines for all the Stressful Parts Of The Day including waking up, chores, after dinner, bedtime, etc. 
  • Learn the few things that you must plan ahead each week to save you time, energy and money. 
  • Discover how to set the tone for the whole week based on your plans. 
  • Get my proven Brain Dump to To Do list system that means you never have over flowing to do lists that never get done. 
Family Routines Reboot is a 3-day challenge to creating easy, effective family routines that make family life peaceful again. 
In this step you'll evaluate all the rhythms your family has during the day... or lack thereof, and brainstorm what needs to change. What you'll takeaway? Simple and sustainable routines. 
  • Learn the most critical routines your family must have to make for a stress-free home where mama ain't yelling. 
  • Discover how to get your kids on board with these routines and continue to carry them out day by day. 
  • Get our proven routines for all the Stressful Parts Of The Day including waking up, chores, after dinner, bedtime, etc. 
Here, you will establish simple child routines (with visual cues) so the kiddos do their daily routines independently - without nagging. Yes, even toddlers!
  • Learn how to give your kids visual routine cues so they can follow their own routine without the nagging and drama. 
  • ​Teach your little ones independence by figuring out which tasks kids can be responsible for, and letting them have at it!
  • Pinpoint the main parts of your day that are nuts and create simple routines around those for your kids. (Psst, this is the quickest way to feel life is more peaceful!) 
We moms today are super confused about what self-care means and how to make it sustainable. Learn how to get what you want too - even in a busy household with kids. 
  • Learn how to schedule in rests and relaxation, for you and the kids, and still get your responsibilities done. 
  • Discern the difference between treating yourself and taking care of yourself and why it matters. 
  • Discover your own limits and boundaries and how they should affect the family rules and routines. 

"I loved the reboot- everything shared was life-giving! Great tips and reminders. I love recommending these resources to friends. 

The content is common sense that you just need a reminder of and the encouragement to implement in your home! Every suggestion is practical which is why I give it 5/5!"

- Michaella 

  • Moms who are overwhelmed.
  • ​Moms who have babies, toddlers, preschoolers, or elementary-aged kids.
  • ​The moms who are kinda weary and want some simple, easy-to-maintain nurturing routines for themselves and their kids.

And it's also for the moms who...

  • Want less chaos, stress and anxiety coming from systems and routines that don't really work.   
  • ​Need some order and organization in their life to function. 
  • ​Don't want to keep doing every little thing for every person in their home. 
  • ​Worry they'll end up being a nagging mom and wife as they struggle to juggle daily life . 
When you grab Family Routines Reboot, you'll also get $60 worth of FREE bonuses to help you make developing routines a BREEZE!
BONUS #1: Goodnight Bedtime Battles Workshop ($19 value)
No more bedtime drama, stalling, coming out of room, up all hours, battles when you are at your wit's end. This workshops helps you get your bedtime routine down PAT. 
BONUS #2: Chore Cards & Room-By-Room Chore Lists ($19 value)
Want to get the kids doing more around the house? Good news... chores are good for kids self-esteem AND research shows kids who do chores grow up more resilient and happy. 
BONUS #3: Organized Mom Checklists ($24 value)
20+ checklists (plus editable ones!) to SAVE YOUR BRAINPOWER. From home systems to self-care routines to morning and evening routines, there's something for every area of life. 
BONUS #4: Meal Planning & Food Staples Pack ($12 value)
Have your eating habits fallen off a cliff with the holidays? Get healthy easy family meals back on the docket - without the fuss and stress. 
BONUS #5: Slow Your Scroll 30-Day Journal ($13 value)
Do you spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME on your phone? 👋👋 This guided journal will help you break away from your screen to focus on what matters in the upcoming months and ditch distractions. 
BONUS #6: Rhythms, Routines & Schedules ($12 value)
Have little ones underfoot (baby to 5 years old) that you care for while trying to figure out everything else? This book with 25+ sample routines, for babies aged 6 weeks to 5 years will help you put predictability and order in otherwise chaotic days. 
Let me give you a step- by-step process for renewing your home life with...
Got a burning question? 
Can I do this at my own pace? 
Yes, Family Routines Reboot is self-paced. You'll get all the digital materials immediately and can reference our videos to help you plan whenever you want.
Will I receive this by mail?
After purchase you'll receive instant access via email. It is 100% digital so you can print out just what you need, as many times as you need it.  Nothing physical is shipped.
What if my kids are all different ages?
Well that's an even BIGGER reason you need to get your family routines in place. You will use what you're learning in this 3 day reboot and it'll benefit every single person in the whole family. 
What if it doesn't work for me?
First off, it likely will. Second, we do have a refund policy you can find at the bottom of the page and you have 14 days after purchase if you feel this class didn't deliver! (Spoiler alert: it will!) 
Let's organize your family's routines, so you can enjoy your family life without the stress. 
One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Family Routines Reboot:
  • 3 masterclasses (one for each step in our 3 day reboot) with EXACT methods to create routines ($40 value)
  • A printable Family Routines Planner with block schedules, self-care planners, sample routines, self-care checklists, and more! ($17 value)
  • 150+ visual routine and chore cards cards ($19 value)
  • ​Meal Planning & Food Staples Pack ($12 value)
  • ​100+ organizing and homemaking binder sheets ($24 value)
  • ​Slow Your Scroll 30-Day Guided Journal ($13 value)
  • Rhythms, Routines & Schedules eBook & 25+ sample daily routines for little ones ($12 value)