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Want a harmonious home where the kids follow your lead, emotions are under control (theirs and yours), everyone is sleeping well, and your family culture makes everyone feel loved and secure?...

Want a harmonious home where the kids follow your lead, emotions are under control (theirs and yours), everyone is sleeping well, and your family culture makes everyone feel loved and secure?...

Hey, my name is Rachel, and I have 5 kids under 6 years old. 

Though some weeks have threatened to overtake my sanity and there are constant demands on me as a mother... 

I've figured out how to organize and systematize my home so that I feel in control, we maintain a satisfactory level of order, and everyone is loved well

My little ones can sleep until 7 or 7:30 am, pass through the morning routine on autopilot, eat (and clean up), take a good nap (or have independent play time), do dinner, follow the bedtime routine, then get to bed between 7 and 8 each night with minimal disruptions. 

Not because I'm super mom or super controlling or hyper organized, but because we have simple routines and habits that make our world keep spinning round. 

And these same habits and routines will work for every mother, regardless of her personality and the personalities of her kids. 


Because you take the basic principles, and make them your own. 

After hearing from thousands of mothers over the past few years, I know what the main struggles and challenges are for moms of young ones. 

I know what keeps them up at night, what causes overwhelm, and what makes the home feel chaotic
Over the years, I've created a ton of resources for busy moms looking for solutions. They all rest in my shop and sell month after month to moms over the world. 

But just for you, for a limited time, instead of having to buy all my printable resources separately (I know many moms are on one income working hard to pay off debt and keep expenses down)...

I've bundled all my printables into ONE PACKET and called it The Everyday Mom Super Bundle. 
This bundle will help you...
  • Get a routine and rhythm (for the kids AND you) that'll help prevent over tiredness, fussiness, and disorder while giving you more time for rest and relaxation.
  • Develop a Family Culture that'll make your kids proud to be part of your family, it'll help "fill their love cups" and ensure you make memories that'll last a lifetime.
  • Learn the source of your personal stresses and worries so you can put them aside - once and for all - and find peace and contentment in this season. 
  • Figure out why little ones have trouble sleeping and napping -- and the exact things you can do to fix that. 
  • Get in a groove with your household systems (meal planning, laundry, etc.) and have a homemaking binder that'll make all household admin easy as pie.
  • A whole lot more!
Sometimes it's just a simple solution here or there that will bring everything back on track. 

The Everyday Mom Super Bundle provides these simple solutions. 

Here's exactly what you'll get in the bundle. 

  • Routine cards (cards for nap time routine, bedtime routine, chore routine, meal time routine, and playtime routine)
  • The Organized Mom's Big Book Of Checklists (morning routine, evening routine, cleaning and decluttering, etc.)
  • Baby Sleep Checklists & Wind Down Cards
  • 101+ Chore Cards
  • Room-By-Room Decluttering Binder
  • Room-By-Room Chore Checklist (chore sheets by room, caddy printables, etc.)
  • Family Culture Workbook (editable brainstorming document)
  • Helpful Phrases (book and printable packet with helpful phrases designed to get toddlers to cooperate more and throw tantrums less).
As well as...
  • Family Financial Guide To Budgeting
  • House Walk Packet
  • Lies & Truth: A Mother's Guide To Simple & Frugal Living
  • Meal Planning, Prep & Staples Guide
  • From Order to Overwhelm: The Ultimate Homemaking Binder
  • Overcoming Overwhelm Guide
  • Printable Affirmations For Moms
  • Take Better Care Of You Guide
  • Pregnancy Journal Month By Month
  • Pregnancy, Labor, Delivery & Postpartum Guide
  • Random Acts Of Kindness Cards
  • Bedtime Prayer Cards
  • Defeating Fear Scripture Cards
  • Building Faith Scripture Cards
  • Financial Freedom Scripture Cards
  • Weary Mom Scripture Cards
There's nothing more satisfying than finding a solution to a problem that's been doing your head in.

I know what it's like to wallow in stress wondering why the kids are Doing This or why they won't Do That and how to keep from being overwhelmed by my own life.

I've put together all the printable products I've got - from family to faith - and know they'll help you find peace, Big and Small Wins, and the confidence to keep going.

See you on the other side!

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A Mother Far From Home @ 2020 - The Everyday Mom Super Bundle