25+ Rhythms, Routines & Schedules For Babies Aged 6 Weeks to 5 Years...
Are you struggling to find a good daily routine for you and your little one(s)?

Do you want your days and nights to feel more predictable?

Want the little ones to sleep better, eat better, and be less fussy?

You're in the right place...
Rhythms, Routines & Schedules
30+ routines and ALL THE printables! 3 sample routines PER age group so you can choose what best fits your lifestyle. 

This is a must read for mothers of babies, toddlers, & preschoolers
The Book Includes:
Section One: Sample Schedules

Get the WHY routines work. And, of course, 3 sample routines per age group. 

6 Weeks to 3 Months Old
3-6 Months Old
7-9 Months Old
9-12 Months Old
12-18 Months Old
2-3 Year Old
4-5 Years Old

Section Two: Tips And Tricks
  • Tips For Managing The Day With More Than 2 Children
  • ​Daily Rhythms for an Only Child Ages 0-4 Years Old
  • ​Daily Rhythms For Multiple Small Children Ages 0-5
  • Sample Bedtime, Mealtime, and Playtime Routines
  • ​Tips for Keeping Kids Busy Throughout The Day
"The printables alone sell this book for me."

"It makes implementing all the tips recommended so simple and easy to replicate. My favorite part is the blank schedules where you can fill in your own custom schedule or routine."

Allison Reed
"Rhythms, Routines & Schedules is our go-to resource!"

"After I had my first baby, my husband and I spent many hours searching the internet trying to find real life schedules and examples of what a child at each stage could be expected to do. 

I can't get over how easy the format makes it to find exactly what we need! Love that it specifically speaks to scheduling multiple children as well, something I haven't found anywhere else!"

Kristin Southerland
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Whether you have one 5 month old baby... a baby and a toddler... or a baby, a toddler, and a preschooler... 

Routines, Rhythms & Schedules will help you find a good routine that does the following:
  • meet everyone's needs
  • allows individual time for each child napping
  •  fits in napping
  • ​helps children learn to play on their own
  • ​promotes independence and contribution (chores)
  • ​creates a peaceful home
Plus, did I mention, you get over 25+ sample routines, 3 per age group plus joint routines for moms of babies/toddlers or babies/toddlers/preschoolers!
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